"International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences"

Vol-1, Issue-1

Gingival Epithesis: An esthetic solution in periodontally compromised patients

Author: Manisha R. Jawale, Ranjit Kumar Ram Pratap Chaurasia, Vishwajit Rampratap Chaurasia, Vinaykumar S Masamatti, Akanksha Manmohan Sharma


Background: Healthy gingiva plays an important role in esthetic appearance of smile. Gingival recession gives unaesthetic look. Dramatic aesthetic results have been obtained with the flexible silicone gingival mask which can be used to correct deformities remaining after control of destructive periodontal disease.
Case Report: This case report presents a gingival prosthesis to cover anterior gingival recession. A simple two-stage impression technique is described, enabling to produce comfortable and accurately fitting masks, which are very stable during use.

Conclusion: Gingival illusion/gingival epithesis used to replace lost tissue when other methods such as surgery or regenerative procedures were considered unpredictable or impossible. The silicone mask may be used as an interim measure to improve the appearance of anterior crowns after initial periodontal therapy for esthetic and to allow time for healing the establishment of periodontal stability and prognosis.

Fig: Preoperative view of anterior region with recession.

Fig: Special tray placement on model cast.

Fig: Marking for gingival illusion extension on final cast

Fig: Gingival illusion in the mouth.

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