"International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences"

Vol-1, Issue-1

Comparison of immunoexpression of α-SMA in inflammed and non-inflammed Odontogenic Keratocyst and Ameloblastoma

Author: Joshi Priya, Bhosale Satish, Hongal Bhagyalaxmi, Chougule Madhuri, Dudanakar Mahesh


Odontogenic cyst and tumors constitute a group of heterogeneous lesions derived from the tooth forming apparatus and odontogenic epithelial remnants. Odontogenic keratocyst and ameloblastoma though benign exhibit a locally aggressive behaviour. The coordination between the parenchymal and stromal cells plays an important role in pathologic phenomenon like tumor invasion and progression. Myofibroblast is one of the non-epithelial stromal factor which has acquired the capacitance of α-smooth muscle actin expression and synthesis of extracellular matrix components and collagen. However the role of myofibroblast is very sparse in these odontogenic lesions. Hence we designed a study to evaluate the role of α-SMA in Odontogenic keratocyst & Ameloblastoma with an aim to assess the frequency and significance of immunohistochemical expression of α-SMA in inflammed & non-inflammed Odontogenic keratocysts & Ameloblastoma. We conclude that more MF’s in the stroma, are associated with more aggressive behaviour of the odontogenic cyst or tumor.

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