"International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences"

Vol-1, Issue-1

Old is Gold- A case report

Author: Bhangdia Mohit B, Bhagyalaxmi, B. Nandlal

Abstract: Anterior open bite is considered a malocclusion that still defies correction, especially in terms of stability. The literature reports numerous studies on the subject but with controversial and conflicting information. Disagreement revolves around the definition of open bite, its etiological factors and available treatments. It is probably due to a lack of consensus over the etiology of anterior open bite between the upper and lower incisors that a wide range of treatments has emerged, which may explain the high rate of instability following the treatment of this malocclusion. Objective: This case report reviews the concept of treatment of anterior open bite(5-8mm), tongue thrusting, posterior unilateral crossbite and speech problem using the conventional tongue restrainer within a span of 2 weeks thus proving the contention “Old is Gold”.


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