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International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences
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ISSN Print: 2394-7489, ISSN Online: 2394-7497
ICV 2019: 92.11

2017, Vol. 3 Issue 2, Part C

Association of systemic and periodontal diseases: A hospital based study

AUTHOR(S): Prabhjeet Singh, Manveen Kaur and Inderpreet Singh
ABSTRACT:Background: In recent years there has been considerable interest in possible links between periodontal disease and systemic diseases. Research has shown that periodontal disease is associated with several other diseases like diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disorders, respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, hepatic disorders, renal disorders, bone/joint disorders and hypertension. The main aim of this study is to determine the frequency of periodontitis in patients with systemic diseases (Diabetes, CVS and respiratory disorders mainly) admitted in the hospital.
Materials and methods: The study population consisted of 60 patients each of CVD, respiratory disease, and diabetes mellitus, making a total of 180 patients in the systemic disease group. A control group of 200 subjects were also included in the study for comparison purpose. The periodontal status of the patients with these confirmed medical conditions was assessed with the help of sterilized dental mirror, periodontal probe, wooden tongue depressor and torch.
Result: Systemic diseases negatively impacting periodontal status. In terms of periodontitis, 29% of population experienced mild periodontitis, 32% had aggressive periodontitis, 26% had moderate periodontitis while 13% had gingivitis.
Conclusion: Diabetes mellitus, CVD, and respiratory disease are associated with a higher severity of periodontal disease. The bidirectional relationship between periodontal diseases and systemic illnesses imply that improving oral health can lead to betterment of systemic health
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Prabhjeet Singh, Manveen Kaur, Inderpreet Singh. Association of systemic and periodontal diseases: A hospital based study. Int J Appl Dent Sci 2017;3(2):156-161.
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