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P-ISSN: 2394-7489, E-ISSN: 2394-7497
ICV 2019: 92.11

2019, Vol. 5 Issue 4, Part D

Diagnosis of deep bite

AUTHOR(S): Nitu Dubey, Nidhi Malik, Amit Prakash and Sonali Rai
ABSTRACT:Deep bite is a malocclusion that occurs in the vertical plane of space. Some degree of vertical overlapping or overbite is a normal feature of human dentition. However, some patients present with excessive overbite termed as deep bite or deep overbite. The deep bite in the permanent dentition may be caused by inherent factors or factors acquired during the life of that dentition.
A successful treatment of deep bite requires a careful analysis of the factors contributing the problems. Detailed clinical examination of the dentition, occlusion, jaw movements and soft tissue pattern of the face is very important. Along with clinical examination, study models, cephalograms and photographs must be taken to study the skeletal, dental and soft tissue relationship and growth pattern and its status.
During the treatment planning, considerations should be given to the soft tissue, skeletal pattern, stability, occlusal plane, interocclusal space, treatment time and age of the patient.
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Nitu Dubey, Nidhi Malik, Amit Prakash, Sonali Rai. Diagnosis of deep bite. Int J Appl Dent Sci 2019;5(4):231-234.
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