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International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences
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P-ISSN: 2394-7489, E-ISSN: 2394-7497
ICV 2019: 92.11

2020, Vol. 6 Issue 2, Part D

Biomechanics in restorative dentistry

AUTHOR(S): Dr. Kaladevi M and Dr. Ramaprabha Balasubramaniam
ABSTRACT:Biomechanics is a branch of bioengineering, which we define as the application of engineering principles to biological systems. Orofacial biomechanics constitutes the determination of the mechanical stresses that the orofacial complexes are subjected to under both physiologic and pathologic conditions, response of the various oral tissues and restorative materials to the mechanical stress and modification of mechanical stresses applied to the oral tissues by restorative procedure and appliance. While masticating food or restoring tooth, the tooth undergoes deformations by a biting force or a stress induced from the restorative procedure. Before designing and implementing an instrument for measurement of stress, strain, motion, and flow during restoration in dental research, we need to understand the biomechanics of dental tissues and restorative materials separately. Stresses in dental structures have been studied by such techniques as brittle coatings, strain gauges, two and three-dimensional photoelasticity, and finite element analysis. Stress analysis studies of inlays, crowns, bases supporting restorations, fixed bridges, complete dentures, partial dentures, and implants have been reported. An adequate understanding of relationship between periodontal tissues, tooth and restoration is paramount to ensure adequate form, function, aesthetics and comfort of the dentition. The clinician should have an adequate knowledge about anatomy and the functional aspects of natural dentition so as to reproduce using proper restorative material.
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Dr. Kaladevi M, Dr. Ramaprabha Balasubramaniam. Biomechanics in restorative dentistry. Int J Appl Dent Sci 2020;6(2):251-256.
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