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International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences
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ISSN Print: 2394-7489, ISSN Online: 2394-7497
ICV 2019: 92.11

2020, Vol. 6 Issue 3, Part B

Analysis of prevalence and risk factors of peri-implantitis

AUTHOR(S): Kuldeep Pal
Background: Dental implants perforate the mucosa and are continually exposed to oral microflora. Various systemic or local circumstances may negatively affect the predictability of dental implants, leading to peri-implant inflammation, bone resorption and, ultimately, implant loss.
Material and methods: In this study 160 patients were included who had received a missing tooth replacement in the form of a dental implant atleast 3 years prior to the commencement of this study. Based on the age the patients were divided into 2 groups: Group 1: 25-45 years of age and Group 2: 46-65 years of age. Their pre-treatment and immediate post treatment clinical and radiographic records were collected. Prevalence of peri-implantitis was based on radiographic and clinical evaluation. All the assimilated data was recorded in Microsoft excel sheets.
Results: Out of 160 patients who were included in this study, 18 developed peri-implantitis. The percentage of patients who developed periodontitis was 11.25%. The data collected showed that old age was a significant risk factor for the development of peri-implantitis. Diabetes and smoking both proved to be a predominant risk factor .72.22% and 66.67% of the patients who developed peri-implantitis had diabetes and a history of smoking respectively. Out of 18 patients who developed peri-implantitis, 13 had a previous history of periodontitis as well.
Conclusion: A lot of risk factors are responsible for the prevalence of peri-implantitis and a thorough treatment planning keeping in mind these predisposing factors can help to reduce this risk.
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Kuldeep Pal. Analysis of prevalence and risk factors of peri-implantitis. Int J Appl Dent Sci 2020;6(3):112-114.
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