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International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences

2020, Vol. 6 Issue 1, Part D
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Unusual presentation of pyogenic granuloma
Dr. K Saraswathi Gopal, Dr. Mahesh Kumar and Dr. Priyam Kapoor
Pages: 214-216  |  519 Views  15 Downloaded
Comparative evaluation of flexural strength and elastic modulus of interim resin materials for fixed prosthodontics: An in vitro study
Dr. Sukhleen Kour, Dr. Rafia Koser, Dr. Robindera Kour, Dr. Iqbal Singh and Dr. Ishani Sharma
Pages: 217-219  |  533 Views  19 Downloaded
Simplified technique of iris fabrication and custom made ocular prosthesis for patient with evisceration: A case report
Dr. Shinde Pooja Raosaheb, Dr. Sanjayagouda B Patil, Dr. Lakkappa Shivappa Ganiger, Dr. Nivea T Francis, Dr. Ashmi Sebastian and Dr. Tejaswini A
Pages: 220-223  |  535 Views  15 Downloaded
Comparison of horizontal lip position between skeletal class I and class II using five reference planes: A cephalometric study
Nazima Jamal, Azam Pasha, Sreeshna P, Chaitra KR, Smitha Shetty and Rashmi J
Pages: 224-228  |  491 Views  2 Downloaded
Correlation of salivary and serum urea, creatinine and ph in end-stage renal disease patients undergoing hemodialysis in pre and post-dialysis state
Saritha Jalagam, J Thirupathi Rao and Gopaladas Madhu Latha
Pages: 229-232  |  550 Views  15 Downloaded
Endodontic management of mandibular canine with type two canal configuration: A case report
Dr. Ashwath Kumar V, Dr. Ashu K Gupta, Dr. Vishal Sharma and Dr. Salil
Pages: 233-235  |  507 Views  18 Downloaded
The use of a series of string quartet live music concert to reduce anxiety in first-year dental students
Neha Vazirani, Jasmini Samani, Teagan Faran, Zahraa Allohaibi, Andrea Mantesso and Elisabeta Karl
Pages: 236-239  |  551 Views  7 Downloaded
United States of America
Management of a non-growing skeletal class II patient: A case report
Prashant Sharma, Stuti Mohan, Pradeep Raghav, Shruti Choudhary, Pranav Bhasin and Abhishek Jain
Pages: 240-243  |  532 Views  14 Downloaded
Scientific publication: A tool to enhance to quality of research
Dr. Tushar Pruthi, Dr. Nikhil Srivastava, Dr. Vivek Rana, Dr. Noopur Kaushik and Dr. Ritu Singh
Pages: 244-246  |  488 Views  11 Downloaded
A compendium on remineralizing agents in dentistry
Dr. Pratik Pande, Dr. Vivek Rana, Dr. Nikhil Srivastava and Dr. Noopur Kaushik
Pages: 247-250  |  604 Views  33 Downloaded
Assessment of fracture resistance of stainless steel post, Carbon fiber post and ceramic post in endodontically treated teeth: A comparative study
Sanjeev Chauhan and Tanuj Singh
Pages: 251-253  |  465 Views  7 Downloaded
To determine the effect of material fatigue of aligners in oral environment and to describe and quantify the type and amount of Orthodontic tooth movement produced by clear aligners
Dr. Abhimanyu Rohmetra, Dr. Niharika Gupta, Dr. Abhimanyu Singh, Dr. Sharlin and Dr. Ishita
Pages: 254-259  |  719 Views  23 Downloaded
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