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International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences
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P-ISSN: 2394-7489, E-ISSN: 2394-7497
ICV 2019: 92.11

Vol. 10 Issue 2 Part D

2024, Vol. 10 Issue 2, Part D
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Surgical and orthodontic management of an impacted maxillary central incisor associated with supernumerary teeth: A case report
Dr. Somy Agarwal, Dr. Seema Chaudhary, Dr. Chaitra TR, Dr. Naveen Manuja and Dr. Ashish Sinha
Pages: 231-235  |  145 Views  81 Downloaded
Assessing the amount of apically extruded debris of one curve, edge file x7, AF™ R3 blue in curved canals: An in vitro study
Shareef Radhi Jawad, Mustafa Hussin Mahdi, Ansam Nemah and Muazez Fawzi
Pages: 236-241  |  167 Views  79 Downloaded
Management of discolored immature permanent incisor associated with triple antibiotic therapy: A case report
Dr. Bornisha Bezborah, Dr. Chaitra TR, Dr. Naveen Manuja, Dr. Anushka Gayan, Dr. Seema Chaudhary and Dr. Ashish Amit Sinha
Pages: 242-245  |  115 Views  71 Downloaded
AOT mimicking a dentigerous cyst - unravelling a rare radiologic puzzle with review of literature
Dr. Sayali Nakhate, Dr. Deepa Das and Dr. Bhakti Patil Soman
Pages: 246-252  |  106 Views  57 Downloaded
Adipose cell induction under the impacted tooth and extraction facilities (Clinical therapy)
Bakir Ghanem Murrad, Amjed Fouad Hussein and Reyadh R AL-Rashidi
Pages: 253-261  |  103 Views  42 Downloaded
Risk and periodontitis: An insight into risk indicators and modifiers
Dr. Nanditha Chandran, Dr. Subair K, Dr. Arjun MR, Dr. Vishnusripriya J and Riji KV
Pages: 262-264  |  94 Views  45 Downloaded
Role of artificial intelligence in periodontal health care
Dr. Shyam Sharma K, Dr. Jaishree Tukaram Kshirsagar, Dr. Sathyasree M, Dr. Monika A and Dr. Nithiyraj S
Pages: 265-273  |  120 Views  73 Downloaded
Elastography meets dentistry: A novel synergy for better oral health
Richa Wadhawan, Tanmay Kumar Bagchi, Gopal Krishna, Ritesh Gupta, Suranjana Bora, Sandana Borah and Shahanaz Parvin
Pages: 274-278  |  5256 Views  5124 Downloaded
Assessment of mother’s knowledge and attitude about their child’s oral health: A questionnaire based study
Dr. Anushka Gayan, Dr. Bornisha Bezborah, Dr. Seema Chaudhary and Dr. Naveen Manuja
Pages: 279-282  |  64 Views  27 Downloaded
Color stability in 3D printed provisional dental restorations
Gilberto Valenzuela Urízar, Juan Hiram Alvarez Huerta, Norma Cruz Fierro and Patricia García Palencia
Pages: 283-286  |  35 Views  10 Downloaded
International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences

International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences

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International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences