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International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences
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P-ISSN: 2394-7489, E-ISSN: 2394-7497
ICV 2019: 92.11

Vol. 9 Issue 2 Part E

2023, Vol. 9 Issue 2, Part E
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Implant-Supported prosthesis replacement of a single missing maxillary premolar in the region of poor bone quality: A case report
Dr. Tasbeeha Shaikh, Dr. Jyoti Tembhurne, Dr. Arti Gangurde and Dr. Niraja Jaiswal
Pages: 340-345  |  147 Views  41 Downloaded
Anatomy of the palate: Harvesting of free, connective, and rotated gingival graft Literature Review
Dr. Catalina Ocejo Almaguer, Dr. Jesús Rodríguez Pulido, Dr. María De Los Ángeles Andrea Carvajal Montes DE OCa, Dr. Sergio Arturo Galindo Rodríguez, Dr. Myriam Angélica de la Garza Ramos, Dr. Alejandra Baltazar Ruiz, Dr. María Argelia Akemi Nakagoshi Cepeda and Dr. Sergio Eduardo Nakagoshi Cepeda
Pages: 346-350  |  193 Views  100 Downloaded
Surgical considerations in periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics with platelet-rich fibrin: A series of 2 case reports
Dr. Maya Sanjiv Indurkar, Dr. Swathy Krishna J and Dr. Soma Sindhuja K
Pages: 351-356  |  159 Views  47 Downloaded
Efficacy of build direction of 3D printed full coverage provisional restoration on the fracture resistance after aging
Mohammed Omar Salem Alattas, Dr. Omaima EL-Mahlawi, Dr. Dina El Shehawy and Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Abd El Gawad
Pages: 357-366  |  222 Views  132 Downloaded
Fracture resistance and relative stiffness of root canal treated premolars restored with two different preparation designs of ceramic restorations: An in vitro study
Maged Galal Abdelmaksoud Elenany, Karim Aboubakr Rabie and Amina Abd-El-Latif Zaki
Pages: 367-371  |  144 Views  65 Downloaded
Comparative analysis of coronally advanced flap using platelet-rich fibrin membrane and amniotic membrane in gingival recession
Dr. Chahat Puri, Dr. Abhima Kumar, Dr. Manik Sharma, Dr. Vineet Kotwal, Dr. Nitin Gautam and Dr. Shiva Chauhan
Pages: 372-376  |  131 Views  51 Downloaded
Clinical research on the association between diabetes mellitus, and periodontal disease
Dr. Chahat Puri, Dr. Vikas Jindal, Dr. Abhima Kumar, Dr. Manik Sharma, Dr. Vineet Kotwa and Dr. Shivani Jandial
Pages: 377-379  |  192 Views  59 Downloaded
Evaluation of caries remineralization potential of toothpastes containing three remineralizing agents - calcium sucrose phosphate, β tricalcium phosphate and fluoro calcium phosphosilicate: An in vitro study
Dr. Shivani PS, Dr. Shiji Dinakaran, Dr. Sam Joseph VG and Dr. Aishwarya P
Pages: 380-386  |  748 Views  215 Downloaded
The act of toothache treatment-seeking for dental caries of pendalungan jember tribe mothers
Ristya Widi Endah Yani
Pages: 387-390  |  111 Views  37 Downloaded
Alginate vs Putty impression materials: Survey among prosthodontics post graduates and general dentists
Dr. Bansri Tank, Dr. Jwenish Kumawat, Dr. Medha Sharma, Dr. Dhrumil Manek, Dr. Dev HR and Dr. Astha Doshi
Pages: 391-394  |  122 Views  47 Downloaded
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