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International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences
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P-ISSN: 2394-7489, E-ISSN: 2394-7497
ICV 2019: 92.11

Vol. 8 Issue 1 Part H

2022, Vol. 8 Issue 1, Part H
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Distraction techniques in children with dental fear and anxiety
Ana Maeli Aguilar Flores, Mariela Rocha Gómez, Gustavo Israel Martínez González, Rene Hernandez Delgadillo, Sergio Nakagoshi Enriquez, Maria Argelia Akemi Nakagoshi Cepeda, Aida De Los Santos Ruiz and Juan Manuel Solis Soto
Pages: 513-516  |  1969 Views  1214 Downloaded
Association between stress and temporomandibular disorders among medical professionals of Udaipur city, India
Dr. Dev Rathod, Dr. Pranav Nakra, Dr. Saurabhchandra Balkrishna Pawar, Dr. Tulip Chakravarty, Dr. Devdoot Kakoti and Dr. Jwenish Kumawat
Pages: 517-520  |  757 Views  228 Downloaded
Dual flask technique for fabrication of two-piece hollow bulb obturator in a microstomia patient: A neoteric approach
Dr. Puvvadi Kalyani, Dr. Kavitha Janardanan, Dr. Harsha Kumar K and Dr. Ravichandran R
Pages: 521-524  |  673 Views  201 Downloaded
Oral squamous cell carcinoma: General aspects and case reports
CD Gilberto Arturo Zatarain Valdez, CD Shannon Weaver Avalos, MCO Gilberto Zatarain Hernández, MCO María de los Ángeles Pietschmann Santamaría, MCO Martha Margarita Aguado Arzola and Dr. Ricardo Martínez Pedraza
Pages: 525-530  |  749 Views  277 Downloaded
The effect of 4% mangosteen peel extract gel on interleukin-6 (il-6) levels and clinical parameters in stage iii grade b periodontitis patients
Maulidatul Husna, Rini Nasution, Syafruddin Ilyas, Pitu Wulandari and Armia Syahputra
Pages: 531-534  |  767 Views  311 Downloaded
Periodontal microsurgery: Magnification and beyond
Paras Verma, Himani Sharma, Pratiksha Tripathi, Sourabh Mehrotra, Sakshi Gaind and Manish Khatri
Pages: 535-538  |  1296 Views  783 Downloaded
Evaluating the efficacy of a minimally invasive root coverage procedure with platelet rich fibrin using the gum drop technique
Dr. Samjotha Dharma, Dr. Shivaprasad and Dr. Sahana Purushotham
Pages: 539-542  |  711 Views  231 Downloaded
Positive and negative effects of lockdown due to COVID-19 in ongoing orthodontic cases: A case series
Dr. Shoaib Ulla Khan, Dr. Vibhu Prasad, Dr. Goutham Reddy, Dr. Sunil Muddaiah, Dr. Sanju Somaiah and Dr. Balakrishna Shetty
Pages: 543-547  |  614 Views  147 Downloaded
Management of anterior open bite in a child with neurogenic bladder: A case report
Dr. Bhat Devikripa, Dr. K Kiran and Dr. Subramaniam Priya
Pages: 548-550  |  601 Views  177 Downloaded
Multiple gingival recessions treated with subepithelial connective tissue graft in vista technique: A case report
Aditi Ghosh, Soma Mallick, Anindya Priya Saha, Indrasri Das, Sohini Banerjee and PK Giri
Pages: 551-554  |  729 Views  211 Downloaded
A comparative analysis of efficiency between passive-self ligating brackets and conventional bracket system
Jobin Baby, Mohammed Ribin Melethil and Jan Mohd Bhat
Pages: 555-557  |  545 Views  214 Downloaded
Management of mandibular incisor crowding with clear aligners and nickel titanium wires: A comparative study
Mohammed Ribin Melethil, Jan Mohd Bhat and Jobin Baby
Pages: 558-560  |  444 Views  187 Downloaded
The effect of two different types of mouthwashes on the color stability of a nano-hybrid CAD-CAM material
Amr Nabil and Engy Adel Ahmed Farag
Pages: 561-564  |  355 Views  188 Downloaded
International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences

International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences

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