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International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences
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ISSN Print: 2394-7489, ISSN Online: 2394-7497
ICV 2019: 92.11

Vol. 8 Issue 2 Part C

2022, Vol. 8 Issue 2, Part C
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Assessment of effect of calcium hydroxide as a root canal dressing material on dentin microtensile fracture strength in primary teeth: An in vitro study
Dr. Bindal Shweta Pradeep Kumar, Dr. Ajay Pravin Pacharne, Dr. Aashima Anand, Dr. Nikita Mehta, Dr. Ratheesh MS and Dr. Sowmya Komanduri
Pages: 140-142  |  566 Views  44 Downloaded
Micro‑marsupialization of mucocele in a pediatric patient: A case report
Dr. Bhatt Bhagyashree, Dr. Rao Dinesh, Dr. Panwar Sunil and Surabhi Gupta
Pages: 143-145  |  301 Views  11 Downloaded
Socket shielding concept in implant Placement: A neoteric approach
Dr. Ayana Shalimon, Dr. R Ravichandran, Dr. Harsha Kumar K and Dr. Vivek V Nair
Pages: 146-149  |  351 Views  28 Downloaded
Evaluation of awareness, attitude, and knowledge about emergency management of avulsed tooth in rural people: A questionnaire based study
Dr. Pritesh Kailash Soni, Dr. Sushilkumar Cirigiri, Dr. Rajiv Khode, Dr. Pawan Darak, Dr. Ashwini Kelode and Dr. Megha Agrawal
Pages: 150-154  |  231 Views  11 Downloaded
Sjogren's Syndrome, An Update
Myrthala De La Garza Aguiñaga, Fanny Lopez Martinez, Myriam Angelica De la Garza Ramos, Hilda Lourdes Muñuzuri Arana, Luis Martin Vargas Zuñiga, Sergio Eduardo Nakagoshi Cepeda, Andrea Elisa Delgado Alcala and Juan Manuel Solis Soto
Pages: 155-159  |  341 Views  14 Downloaded
Susceptibility of repigmentation of enamel surface to red wine and brandy staining after 35% hydrogen peroxide bleaching
Dr. Riya Sharma, Dr. Deepak Sharma and Dr. Manu Bansal
Pages: 160-167  |  306 Views  9 Downloaded
To evaluate the clinical characteristics and microbiological findings in children with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis
Dr. Akanksha Garg, Dr. Swati Tomar, Dr. Priya Sarraf, Dr. Sunayana Dutta, Dr. Ashish Chandra and Jahnavi Malineni
Pages: 168-171  |  235 Views  4 Downloaded
White spot Lesions: Pediatric dentistry approach
Melisa Abril Martinez Rodriguez, Marcela Montes Villarreal, Enrique Nieto Ramírez, Rebeca Lucero Rodriguez, Edith Lopez Ramirez, Maria Argelia Akemi Nakagoshi Cepeda, Karem Denisse Riojas Martinez and Juan Manuel Solis Soto
Pages: 172-175  |  340 Views  20 Downloaded
Sedation in pediatric dentistry, an overview and current update
Mariana Garza Garza, Rosa Isela Sanchez Najera, Enrique Nieto Ramírez, Maria Teresa Perez Quintero, Sonia Lilia Aguilar Dominguez, Edith Lopez Ramirez, Montserrat Ruiz Paz and Juan Manuel Solis Soto
Pages: 176-180  |  300 Views  20 Downloaded
Pierre robin syndrome, an update from a stomatological point of view
Enriqueta Pedraza Deutsch, Claudio Cabral Romero, Gustavo Israel Martinez Gonzalez, Hilda Lourdes Muñuzuri Arana, Luis Martin Vargas Zuñiga, Maria Argelia Akemi Nakagoshi Cepeda, Annet Alejandra Mancillas Aguilera and Juan Manuel Solis Soto
Pages: 182-185  |  339 Views  26 Downloaded
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