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International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences

2022, Vol. 8 Issue 2, Part A
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The impact of emotional stress on periodontal disease: The summery of evidence
Aditi Ghosh, Balaji R, Anindya Priya Saha, Indrasri Das, Priyanka Yadav and PK Giri
Pages: 01-05  |  59 Views  12 Downloaded
Update on tuberous sclerosis complex
David Francisco Fernandez Garza, Rosa Isela Sanchez Najera, Patricia Garcia Palencia, Marcela Alejandra Gloria Garza, Guadalupe Rosalia Capetillo Hernanadez, Rosa Elena Ochoa Martínez, Annet alejandra Mancillas Aguilera and Juan Manuel Solis Soto
Pages: 06-10  |  84 Views  23 Downloaded
Sleep bruxism in children: An overview and current update
Gabriela Garcia Alvarez, Rosa Isela Sanchez Najera, Ricardo Peñaloza Cuevas, Ruben Armando Cardenas Erosa, Francisco Guadalupe Arreguin Ceniceros, Sergio Nakagoshi Enriquez, Sergio Ignacio Lopez Tovar and Juan Manuel Solis Soto
Pages: 11-15  |  90 Views  27 Downloaded
Risk factors for early childhood caries
Rebeca Muraira Vargas, Osvelia Esmeralda Rodriguez Luis, Laura Elena Villarreal Garcia, Rosa Isela Sanchez Najera, Magali Janeth Garcia Vasquez, Araceli Garcia Rocha, Siria Jatziry Gonzalez Ramos, and Juan Manuel Solis Soto
Pages: 16-19  |  130 Views  18 Downloaded
A cross-sectional study of the relationship between respiratory disease and periodontal disease in hospitalized patients
Dr. Snover Amin, Dr. Moin Banday and Dr. Amit Kumar Khajuria
Pages: 20-22  |  65 Views  2 Downloaded
Laser guided mucocele excision in lower lip: A case report
Dr. Nupur Saha, Dr. Tania Thakur, Dr. Arnab Santra and Dr. Shabnam Zahir
Pages: 23-26  |  39 Views  9 Downloaded
Comparative evaluation of compressive strength of three different core build up materials on fiber reinforced composite post after 24 hours and 1 week- an in vitro UTM study
Dr. Devanshi Sharma, Dr. Sunil Kumar MV, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Rhythm Saxena and Dr. Archan Dhanesha
Pages: 27-31  |  65 Views  17 Downloaded
Rapid maxillary expansion in children, an update
Briana Yarely Medina Lizarraga, Mariela Rocha Gómez, Julio Benitez Pascual, Daniel Lizarraga Rodriguez, Francisco Guadalupe Arreguin Ceniceros, Sergio Eduardo Nakagoshi Cepeda, Luz Eli Martinez Rodriguez and Juan Manuel Solis Soto
Pages: 32-35  |  52 Views  9 Downloaded
Analysis of incidence and risk factors associated with formation of dry socket: A clinical study
Dr. Vishwajeet Singh Jamwal and Dr. Yashoradha Raje
Pages: 36-38  |  44 Views  10 Downloaded
Oral manifestations of Type I diabetes mellitus in pediatric patients
Julia Garza Villarreal, Fanny Lopez Martinez, Idalia Rodriguez Delgado, Fatima Del Muro Casas, Nelly Alejandra Rodriguez Guajardo, Maria Argelia Akemi Nakagoshi Cepeda, Leslie Flores Eguia and Juan Manuel Solis Soto
Pages: 39-43  |  45 Views  8 Downloaded
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